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Anna R L Carter

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Research Fellow

NorSC Lab, Northumbria University

A s a Research Fellow at the DCitizens  and CDC projects at Northumbria University, I am passionate about empowering citizens with and through technology. My research focuses on developing innovative solutions that promote digital democracy and civic engagement. I believe that technology can be used as a powerful tool to create positive social change.

​Personal Profile

  • Exploring Digital Citizenship

  • Participatory design of multisensory technologies, rethinking of current wireframing design tools

  • 9-month deployment of a futuristic hands-free viewing device receiving over 10,000 sessions.

  • Polymath able to think quickly on my feet and adapt designs to best fit user/stakeholder needs.

  • Thriving in networking scenarios building relationships and collaborators.  

  • Successful in managing my time across several projects and roles in parallel.  

  • Understanding of the entire design process.

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